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There are some really great exhibitions on there at the moment. I am currently staying in Edinburgh at the moment so have managed to see one or two.

there was a really great one called ‘ Food, Design & Culture’. It went through the whole history of food packaging and design to aeroplane food and space food and then on to GM food – which was presented in an unbiased manner. It also focused on loyalty cards and the various marketing schemes used to create customer loyalty and finally included a bit on restaurants – with mock ups of a few ones such as pharmacy and Yo Sushi!.
What was wonderful about the exhibition was just the manner of teh presentation which was very lively and included lots of shopping sounds etc.

Dundee also has a great show on Frank Gehry as he has been commissioned to design a new Maggie’s Centre in Dundee by Charles Jencks.
It emphasises Gehry’s work method not his final buildings. The show is full of little models and first sketches. You can also sit down and look at various press clippings on his designs for Dundee in his cardboard chairs.

It also is appropriate that the show is in teh new Dundee Contemporary Arts centre by Richard Murphy as Murphy was the architect responsible for the previous Maggie’s Centre in Edinburgh.

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