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I just had a look at the Windmill Lane website, , *that’s* actually the building I meant… it was formerly a generating station for the tram system. Dunno where I got that “feminine… etc” idea!

Don’t you think they could improve the colour though? The gold detailing works gorgeously, yes, but do you think it should be a bit brighter in general? I dunno, I suppose Ringsend isn’t South Beach…

Here’s what the website says:

>The comfortable surroundings, relaxed >atmosphere and professionalism found in >Windmill makes it an ideal place to work and >you’ll find yourself wanting to return for >your next project. Situated in a listed Art >Deco building that previously played host to >a generating station for the Dublin tram >system, a Bovril factory and a snooker and >amusement club, we try to keep the old >traditions alive by taking the bus to work, >always having Bovril in the kitchen, having >a full size snooker table and Sony >Playstation in the green room.


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