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There are two Deco buildings in Ringsend
(you pass right by them as you come into Ringsend from town via Pearse St. – they’re on the left hand side).

One is owned by Telecom Eireann, brick,
quite Dutch Moderne-y, the other is more classically Deco and has gorgeous sunburst/Egyptian style detailing – unfortunately it’s painted a pretty dull
dark brown.

There’s also quite an interesting building in Ashtown (Dublin 15), right on the Navan Road, opposite the Phoenix Park racecourse. It’s a factory, Internationalist (still white) with most of its original long windows. I was worried for a while, as it seemed to be threatened with demolition, but they’ve actually kept the original building and demolished (I think) a later addition. They’ve retained a tower from that part though.

By the way, if you’re passing that building, take a look at the house behind the stone wall on the opposite side of the road, right beside the racecourse – it’s very obviously being allowed to decay and be vandalised, and I doubt it will last much longer (like the buildings of the course itself…).

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