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Quote “I still love the way in which the whole green is such a hotch-botch of buildings”

It always was there were 18 individual buildings between the College of Surgeons and Rices Bar (the entrance to the Stephens Green SC)

There were 143 individual buildings on the Green that up to 1960 would have changed sporadically due to accidents such as fires.

With the exception of the Lisney building at No 25 every addition since 1960 is crap.

With particular reference to

62-65 The Bank of Scotland offices
66-68 Hainault House
69-71 The Dept of Justice

Russell House (KPMG)

The Ardilaun Centre Eircom Blocks A +B

57-59 The Pastiche Irish Permanant HQ

44-45 The Corner of Hume St (Ivor Fitz)

26 Compustore

15-18 Stephen Court (Anglo-Irish)

An unmitaged disaster of crap

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