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Well let’s say as has already being said it’s like replacing the missing leg of a fine old antique table. Would you replace it with tubular steel. The damage was done to 16 houses of a mile long street. In the context of the whole street it would be, I believe, the best solution if it were repaired with faithful replicas, (although I am totally against pastiche(see Gardiner Street)

In Europe for example after WW11 fine squares and streets which were partially damaged due to air raids/bombings were faithfully reconstructed, yet those that were obliterated were built anew in the then contemporary style. Let’s say then in this case that Fitzwilliam Street has been partially damaged.

I accept our colonial past, it’s a fact we Irish must accept as part of our history.
However, it does not justify the destruction of our architectural heritage that has been left to us.

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