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Quote “to replace the present facade would be almost like putting a giant photograph of the originals in its place.”

I agree the last thing we want is a pastiche facade although a new comtemporary facade might be a welcome change. As the existing facade really is very dated and lacking any architectural merit at all.

I too was surprised by Sam Stephensons remarks on the Spike. Given that he returned to O’Connell St in 2000 to laud Spencer Dock as ‘high quality architecture’ of course in a paid capacity.

That said Sam did some good buildings although most of them were definitley in the wrong places. But being grown up about it, his at least had some architectural merit and many of them will probably be listed as time rolls on.

As for the ESB moving you just don’t know with ESB, they seem to change senior management more often than their customers change lightbulbs.

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