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Kevin Roche shipped a 40ft container full of planning dwgs from the states to Dublin Corporations offices when applying for permission for the Docklands sheme. If this is the easiest way to do things in the days of intranet and web technology then Im Christopher Wren! If you are a developer forking out millions on a project you would expect all of your consultants, regardless of location, to be looking at the latest set of documents. What better way to ensure this (and save a packet in terms of cost and time)than through use of the web? CAD is continually migrating toward the web and will likely be the spur for full web based project collaboration. Presently the construction industry would be lost without CAD and its only really been on the scene in a viable fashion since the early years of this decade. In three years time contractors engineers architects etc will be wondering how they survived before the days of collaborative web and intranet sites. If you want a benchmark watch out for Dublin corporations impending switch to asking for applications on disk(the logical extension being e-mail and on to uploading to corpo ftp site!) If you want an idea of how sophisticated the Irish CAD market is then check out Irelands first live online seminar exclusively devoted to CAD and its future. The seminar will be on Wednesday 26th May at 11am and will be hosted by Paradigms’ John Curry, one of irelands leading CAD consultants. The seminar will be accessible only on

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