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There is no question that the net is about to cause significant changes in the way we do business:

Construction procurement is fraught with “transaction costs” and disinformation, which is where the web can (provided the right forum exists!,lead to much more efficient transactions (bidding & tendering etc.) and transfer of information.

General Electric introduced a concept called “Trading Process Network” about two years ago which has revolutionised inductrial and manafacturing procurement. GE (electrical manafacturing) itself cut its procurement bill by 20% or $1bn dollars in year 1.

Supply chain management, or lack of it, leads to significant inventory costs and cosy cartels that mark up prices. This is about to be restructured based on web technology by what is termed “disintermederisation”. In other words getting rid of all the middlemen!.

Just wait for it your (working)life will not be the same in five years time!

As Ronan noted above a radical new concept is about to be launched, which will start for the first time to offer the “web advantage” to the construction industry.

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