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Paul Clerkin

Friends of E-1027 has officially obtained not-for-profit status as a sponsored project of The New York Foundation for the Arts, allowing them to proceed with all plans for raising funds.

They have planned the first event to support the purchase of E-1027. As reported previously, the French Government has asked us to raise $150,000 to help them with the initial purchase of the house. The benefit event will be an elegant cocktail party on Monday, May 24th from 6-8 pm at Pucci International in New York. Pucci represents Ecart, the design firm which produces Eileen Gray’s designs (once headed by Andre Putman), and they will be donating their fabulous space for the event.

The highlight of the evening at Pucci will be the auctioning off of one of Gray’s Satellite Mirrors. A special honored guest will be the Mayor of Roquebrune – Cap Martin, Jean Louis Dedieu, a respected musician who will give a performance during the event. He will also speak about the project and about the government’s involvement with E-1027. Tickets for the event will cost approximately $150 (not yet determined). Of course, donations for any amount will be solicited and much appreciated. Checks will be made out to The New York Foundation of the Arts, and all contributions will be tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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