1926 – Wynn’s Hotel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin

Architect: Frank Russell



Originally opened as a boarding house in 1845 by Phoebe Wynn. Wynn ran the boarding house until 1852 when it was sold. In 1878, the hotel’s name changed to Telford’s Commercial Hotel but when the hotel was acquired by the Clarence Hotel Company in 1898, the name reverted back to Wynn’s. The original buildings were destroyed in the 1916 Easter Rising. By 1917, plans for a new hotel had been drawn up by Anthony Scott – these were not proceeded with. After delays due to the Irish Civil War, designs for a hew hotel by Frank Russell, for Clarence Hotel Co. were approved by the City Architect in May 1924. The hotel reopened after being rebuilt by G&T Crampton on 17 December 1926, ten years after its destruction.