1881 – St. Thomas’s National Schools, Windsor Ave., Belfast

Architect: Edward Nevill Banks


Now demolished, this school was constructed in red brick.

“These schools have been erected in the suburbs of Belfast in connection with St. Thomas’s Church. They consist of boys’, girls’, and infants’ school, with class-rooms, the necessary lavatories, and enclosed recreation-grounds. The girls’ school is on the first floor, approached by a staircase from a door under the bell-turret. The infants’ school is on the ground-floor, underneath the girls’, and same size. The boys’ school is entered from a porch at the end of the block; it is one storey high, with open roof. The sanitary arrangements have received much attention, and a covered playground is provided for wet weather. Accommodation is provided for about 500 children. The work has been carried out by Mr. Joseph Croft, builder, under the direction of Mr. Banks, of Belfast. Mr. Close prepared the illustration.