1963 – Todd’s, O’Connell Street, Limerick

Architect: Charles J. Quinn



Built as a more than 76,000 sq.ft replacement for the previous Victorian store which had been destroyed in a massive fire on August 25 1959. During construction described in a local newspaper as “Todd’s new building is a beautiful and imposing structure that is already enhancing Limerick’s shopping centre. When it finally opens it will add to the prestige of the city with the scope for the catering of customers enlarged by the spaciousness and comfort of the various departments. ” Limerick Leader, February 3 1963.

Described a decade after construction as “…a cleancut glass-fronted structure rising four storeys high, with 1971 written in every modern line of its construction…” Now a branch of Brown Thomas, most of the upper floor glazing has been blocked up.

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