1967 – Church of the Annunciation, Finglas, Dublin

David Keane & Partners


Built in 1967 as one of a new wave of large Catholic churches in the Dublin suburbs, during a church-building boom initiated by the then archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid. Plans to demolish the church were announced in 2018 when it became apparent that, due to falling attendance figures, the church couldn’t afford the upkeep of the building, with the concrete and steel structure having deteriorated to the point that it gave rise to safety concerns. With a capacity of 3,500, it was too large for current attendences, and a new church for 300 is planned for the site. The remainder of the space will be cleared and used for senior citizen’s housing.

The interior had stained glass by Stephen Walsh including the massive Annunciation window above the main entrance. He also created the mosaic Stations of the Cross and the large image of Christ Ascending into Heaven seen behind the alter. Richard Joseph King (1907-1974) designed the bronze and enamelled tabernacle.