1938 – Magnet Cinema, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Architect: Hume P. Mayston


Original appearance of former cinema on Glaslough Street in Monaghan town. Opened in 1938 by Lady Leslie. Closed finally in 1974 and converted into a plumbing supply store. The facade was reconstructed at this time. The architect Hume Peyton Mayston was born in Dublin in 1905, and emigrated from Glasgow to Sydney, Australia, in 1948, where he died in 1982.

The Northern Standard, the local Monaghan newspaper gives a pretty good description of the building upon opening. “The Magnet Cinema, which has recently been erected in Glaslough Street, Monaghan occupies a prominent position in the town. It is an imposing builing, designed on modern lines to the plans of Mr. Hume P. Mayston, 27 Dawson Steet, Dublin.

The Seating.
The seating in the back stalls will be very comfortable spring seats with shaped and polished hardwood armrests, and with deep backs well upholstered, covered in Multi-coloured Jaspe Velvet to harmonise with the general decoration schemes.

In the balcony the seating is of the very latest design, the seats having 16 springs, making them extremely comfortable, the backs being full depth with an extra deep sweep giving the comfort of tub chairs. The armrests are of rubber, and the whole is upholstered in similar Jaspe Velvet to that in the stalls.

Modern Designs
This velvet has been specially woven and dyed for the Magnet Cinema, as also has been the carpet, which is of modern design in pleasing yet serviceable colourings.

Particular attention has been given to the Stage, and in addition to the Proscenium Curtains (which are of heavy Velour, richly embroidered in Satin), there is a special Stage Setting consisting of a pair of stage curtains, side curtains, and top border in silver satin with French festoons to enable numerous colours to be thrown on them from a specially fitted electrical installation. This electricial installation is fitted with lamps, and three primary colours – red, blue and yellow – and by means of six controlling dimmers fixed in the operating box the colours can be blended to give innumerable changes.

Equal to any Cinema in Eire
The directors have spent a considerable amount of time on the furnishings, thus ensuring that the Magnet Cinema will be equal to any cinema in Ireland.

The screen is of perforated rubber, the Projectors are by Ross Limited, and the sound by RCA, all three of which will ensure perfect Sound and Projection.”