1895 – Plunkett Bandstand, Forthill Park, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh


Originally called “Commons Hill” or “Cow Hill,” where Enniskilleners could graze their cattle and animals. In 1689, the Governor of Enniskillen, Gustavus Hamilton, ordered a fort of sods to be raised in Enniskillen; hence the name ‘Forthill’. In 1836 the area was enclosed, planted with trees, and transformed into a promenade and pleasure ground. By the 1880s the park had become overgrown and little used. Thomas Plunkett, Chairman of the town commissioners, supervised the landscaping of the park and on 7 August 1891 the Forthill Pleasure ground officially opened with special areas, all designed by Plunkett. The extremely ornate Forthill Bandstand was erected to Plunkett during his own lifetime in 1895 as a mark of appreciation.

Currently earmarked for restoration, after the park was restored over a couple of years – an amount of over 200,000 has been reported.