1824 – Monaghan Gaol, Co. Monaghan




According to Lewis, “The county gaol, completed in 1824, and situated on an eminence near the entrance to the town, is a handsome semicircular range of building, containing 75 single cells, and 11 rooms with more than one bed each, with appropriate day-rooms and airing-yards, in one of which is a tread-wheel applied to the raising of water for the supply of the prison ; there are a male and female hospital, a chapel, and a school ; the prison is well adapted for classification, and under very good regulations.” Similar in plan to that of Sligo.

Sold in the 1890s to the Governors of the Infirmary for £555. Part of the old Jail building complex was converted into the hospital that was formally opened for the reception of patients in 1896. Demolished in the 1930s to make way for a new county hospital.