1810 – Ballymullen Barracks, Tralee, Co. Kerry



The barracks at Tralee were originally built in the early 19th Century for Militia Regiments raised in County Kerry. In 1873 the Localisation Scheme for recruitment, meant that the barracks became the depot for the 101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) and the 104th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers). The barracks were subsequently renamed Ballymullen Barracks. In 1881 the Regiments became the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, who continued to use the barracks until Irish Independence in 1922. Like many barracks across Ireland, the main block faced a parade ground with a long low two storey building with central archway and tower. Devoy Barracks, Naas, was very similar.

“The barracks, at Ballymullen, about half a mile from the town, and capable of accom-modating 17 officers, and 456 non-commissioned officers and privates, and 6 horses, with an hospital for 30 patients, form a substantial building, erected in 1810 at an expense of £20,000: they stand in an enclosed area of about 15- acres.” Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837).