1785 – Belcamp Hall, Raheny, Co. Dublin


Belcamp dates from the mid-1780s when it was built for Sir Edward Newenham, a member of the Irish Parliament and enthusiastic supporter of the American Revolution. Constructed as a three-storey over basement, seven-bay structure, Newenham subsequently incorporated an oval room modelled on that in the White House into the house.

A college was established in 1893 as a juniorate for the Oblate Fathers, and became a boarding school for boys. School facilities by Ashlin & Coleman were built onto the original house. St Mary’s Chapel was added to the complex in the early 1900s, and a red-brick accommodation wing. At some point the original roofline of the house was replaced with a flat roof, probably after a fire. The chapel had 12 stained glass windows by Harry Clarke.

The school closed in 2004. Planning permission was granted in 2007 for change of use of the school buildings to apartments but was not proceeded with. Extensive fires and vandalism have greatly damaged the house and school buildings since.

Newenham also erected the Washington Tower, a miniature castle in the garden in honour of the first President of the United States, George Washington. Built during Washington’s lifetime, it is purported to be the first monument ever built to him.