1938 – County Hospital, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Architect: John F. McGahon & Son


Built on the site of the old county gaol and incorporating some of the footprint of the demolished building. Monaghan County Hospital was officially opened to the public in 1938. The building stands on the site of Monaghan County Jail that was sold in the 1890s to the Governors of the Infirmary for £555. Part of the old Jail building complex was converted into the hospital that was formally opened for the reception of patients in 1896.


In the years that followed there were many alterations and additions to the Hospital, or Infirmary, as it continued to be called. A survey of the building in 1932 revealed that extensive repairs were needed. Funding was sourced and work commenced in 1933 on the New County Hospital. ‘The massive walls of what was once the old Jail had to be razed to the ground.’ An ideal temporary location for the hospital was found in Hope Castle, Castleblayney.