1886 – Design for Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

Architect: J. Hampden Shaw

Irish Builder and Engineer

Published in The Irish Builder, April 15 1888 – “WE present our readers with a lithograph reproduction of one of the competition drawings sent in for the above building, a few years ago, by Mr. J. Hampden Shaw, of this city, in conjunction with a colonial architect. It may be interesting to note that the drawing which we have been permitted to copy was executed, with others, whilst Mr. Shaw was on a return voyage from N.S.W. The City of Sydney possesses about 130 miles of streets, with upwards of 60,000 houses. It is lighted with gas, the electric light also being utilised. Its public buildings are numerous, and in general well-designed. The Town Hall will, when completed, be one of the finest in the world. It boasts also of a Museum, Art Gallery, Technological Museum, Free Library, &c. The present population of the city and suburbs is estimated at 340,000.”