1885 – Nun’s Residence, Workhouse, Trim, Co. Meath

Architect: John P. Davis

Irish Builder and Engineer

Trim Workhouse was designed by George Wilkinson using one of his standard plans and was intended to hold 500 inmates. Opened it 1841, it was later extended, and is now in use as St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“The entire building is built of Kingscourt brick. On the first floor there are entrance hall and staircase, also chapel, parlor, kitchen, scullery, pantry, and back porch leading out into women’s yard. On the second floor there are community-room, with oratory off it, four cells or bedrooms, bath and w.c. The top corridor is connected by a metal foot-bridge with the children’s hospital; this bridge was erected by Messrs. J. Main and Co., Leinster street; the plumbing work was done by Messrs. Ross, Murray, and Co., Abbey street; the contractor for the building was Mr. Michael McGowan, Kells, and all the work was carried out under the superintendence of John P. Davis, architect, Trim.” Published in The Irish Builder, November 1 1885.

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