1868 – Angel Hotel, Nos.11-12 Inns Quay, Dublin

Architect: Timothy Hevey


Described in The Irish Builder, January 1 1869: “With tins number we give as an illustration some sketches of a new billiard-room and other additions to the Angel Hotel, carried out under the direction of Mr. T. Hevey, for Hugh O’Rorke, Esq. The old buildings which existed on the site have been cleared away, and the space heretofore used as a yard has been added to the billiard-room, thereby providing room for two tables. The old roof of billiard-room is stripped off, and the new one, as shown in the sketch, is substituted.

The front building was designed for a bar on the ground floor, but we believe for the present it will be used as a stock-room. On the first floor is a stockroom, to which a lift is provided at staircase. The billiard-room roof is exceedingly plain and simple in its construction, and the effect of it, to judge from our view, will be remarkably good. It is proposed hereafter to decorate the walls in colour, and to stencil the beams, &c., of roof. The contractor for these works is Mr. James Donovan, of Ivingstown.”