1868 – Unbuilt Design for House of Refuge, Belfast

Architect: Timothy Hevey


From The Irish Builder, July 15 1868. “We are enabled to give as our illustration for the No,m a view of Mr. T. Hevey’s design for the new Catholic Penitentiary to be erected for the Right Rev. Dr. Dorrian, Belfast, which obtained the second prize in the recent competition, the first having been given, as we noticed in our last No,m to Messrs. Sherry and Hughes.


Mr. Hevey’s plan consisted of three sections – the Penitentiary building, again subdivided into the working and living departments, the convent for the Sisters of Mercy, and a church, which forms the right hand wing of the design. The convent is detached from the main building, and is connected by a cloister, which is shown on the view.


The material for the building was to have been brick, with stone heads to windows and occasional strings and bands of stone and black brick.

The design is characterised by great breadth of treatment and simplicity of detail, and the group, as it appears in the view, is very pleasing and well designed.”

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