1780 – St. Catherine’s Church, Meath St., Dublin

“The chapel belonging to the parish formerly stood in Bridge foot street at the north side of Thomas street, but it being dilapidated, about 1780 a subscription was raised amongst the parishioners for the erection of the present chapel. This building which is entirely of brick is of an octagonal form, and very spacious; opposite the altar a gallery is erected which is continued along five sides of the octagon and supported by columns.” Description published in ‘An historical guide to the city of Dublin, illustrated by engravings’, 1825.

“The chapel, a spacious structure, occupies part of the site of the priory of St. John the Baptist, which was founded in the year 1188 by A. Du Palmer; and in connection with it is a female orphan school, also an asylum for old and destitute men, in Rainsford-street.”

Demolished and replaced with the current church in the mid 19th Century.