1885 – Wesleyan Church, Warrenpoint, Co. Down

Architect: William J. Watson


Also known as the “Coke Memorial Church” after the Methodist preacher Thomas Coke, construction started in August 1884 with the church opening in 1885. It was built on the site of an earlier Wesleyan chapel and involved the demolition of several houses on Church Street. Finished in granite with Dungannon freestone.

“The building is to be constructed of granite, with dressings and window traceries of Dungannon freestone, and is to occupy the site at present covered by existing chapel and several adjoining dwelling-houses. On plan the church shows an arrangement of a nave with side aisles, served by passages having seats on both sides throughout entire length of same.

The clerestory windows are carried upon moulded Gothic arches, supported by massive freestone pillars, and surmounted by an open timber roof, formed of groined rafters, collar-pieces, and struts, unsupported by any principals; by this construction of the nave roof the lofty appearance internally is greatly increased. The fittings throughout are to be of pitch pine and varnished. Tracery of windows to be filled in with cathedral glass of various tints in lead lights. The edifice is to be warmed by means of hot-water pipes, laid all round the walls above floor levels. The plan gives sitting accommodation for 240 persons, which is calculated as sufficient to meet present requirements of the congregation.”

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