1860 – Drinking Fountain, Beresford Place, Dublin

Architect: Deane & Woodward


Published in The Dublin Builder, February 1 1861, and gifted to the city by the Earl of Carlisle. “An exception however to this structure, has been erected near the junction of Beresford place with and inside the area surrounding the north and west sides of the Custom house, midway between that building and the Northumberland Hotel. It is the gift of His Excellency the Earl of Carlisle, and is partly constructed of limestone and partly of Caen stone, with granite base Cost about £50. Messrs Deane and Woodward, architects; Messrs Purdy and Outhwaite, constructors. The total height is about 10 feet to vane. The interior is fitted with a charcoal filter and the slab seen at the rere is intended as a rest for burdens.”