1899 – Public Library, Roath, Cardiff, Wales

Architect: Teather & Wilson


Still in use as a public library today, the building was constructed slightly larger than illustrated, with an extra two bays.

“This building is proposed to be erected at the junction of Newport-road and Four Elms-lane, Cardiff. The design illustrated herewith was placed first in competition by the assessor, Mr. H.V. Lanchester, and has been accredited by the library committee for execution. The exterior will be faced with pressed red bricks, and the interior with pressed buff bricks with glazed brick dadoes. The dressings will be of Corsham Down stone. The roofs will be covered with green slates. There will be terazzo paving to the lavatories, porches, &c., and wood-block floors elsewhere. The interior joinerj’ will be of pitch-pine stained and varnished. Natural ventilation is intended, and the heating will be by means of low-pressure hot water with ventilating radiators. The building will be lighted by electricity. The accepted tender is £2,4GS. The architects are Messrs. Teather and Wilson, Cardiff.”

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