1901 – Unbuilt Proposal for Harbour Offices, Swansea

Architect: William Carruthers Laidlaw


“This design wag favourably mentioned by the assessor, Mr. W.M. Fawcett, F.S.A. only two premiums were offered, and we illustrated the first premiated last Friday, and shall illustrate the second premiated design shortly. In the present design the main block of buildings is shown to be of two stories throughout, and faced on every elevation with pressed Ruabon red brick, with terracotta or stone dressings. The ground floor provides accommodation for the shipping office, the accountant and the clerk and solicitor, with suitable lavatories. The first floor is planned to accommodate the general superintendent and the engineer and theirstaffs : also the board-room and chairman’s room, &c. A caretaker’s house of two stories is also included, and the cost of the whole buildings complete was designed not to exceed the sum of £12,000, which was the_ limit fixed by the competition conditions. Mr. William C. Laidlaw, of Edinburgh, is the author of this design.”