1882 – Baptist Church, Harristown, Co. Kildare

Architect: William M. Mitchell


In 1857 John La Touche first heard the preaching of Dr. Spurgeon in London and was gradually won over by his brand of Baptist evangelism. He was received into the Baptist Church and soon set about trying to convert others to the Baptist way of thinking. He set up Bible studying classes in Harristown which became the nucleus of a Baptist Church group. He also became very active in Christian Relief work in London, raising money to rescue fallen women, and was instrumental in founding the London City Mission, and was a regular benefactor of Baptist work throughout Ireland.

“Our Illustration in present issue represents a small Baptist church and glebe-house, which are being built at Harristown, near Kilcullen, Co. Kildare , for John La Touche, Esq., D.L. The church will accommodate 80 persons and is built of Edenderry limestone with dressings of Corsehill red stone. The roof is open-timbered, and the fittings are of pine stained and varnished.” The Irish Builder, September 1 1881.

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