1879 – Great Northern Railway Offices, Amiens Street, Dublin

Architect: John Lanyon


Designed as offices, constructed in brick and sandstone, and with an Italianate tower which ties in with the towers of the earlier main station building by William Deane Butler. The interior has a fine central top-lit hallway with a cast-iron balustraded staircase. The building was extended around 1884 by adding a long extension. Published in The Irish Builder, May 15 1882.

“The ground floor on level with the vestibule has a large central hall, 20 ft. square, open to roof, and having an open gallery round on first floor. The staircase opens off this hall, and is beautifully and skilfully arranged. The massive iron ballusters have a handsome capping of walnut. The walls round the central hall, the stairs, vestibule and corridors, have arched recesses with pilasters and arches executed in Keene’s cement, and ornamental caps. The effect of the continued series of pilasters and arches present a rich and pleasing effect. The recesses in hall have circular medallions, which are intended to be filled with carved subjects. A massive lamp-post stands in centre of hall, and the roof light is of coloured glass.”

“The upper floor contains the board-room, a splendid apartment, 44 ft. by 28 ft. and 20 ft. high, with a massive open roof, and fitted up in the most tasteful manner. The other apartments on this floor are : the audit office, 52 ft. by 20 ft. ; cashier’s office, traffic manager’s office, and strong rooms, &c. The lavatories and water-closets throughout are fitted up in a superior manner. A corridor conects this floor with the railway platform. The floors of hall and corridor are tiled with Minton, Hollins, and Co.’s tiles.”