1870 – Design for O’Connell Bridge, Dublin

Architect: William Lewis


Entrant in architectural competition to construct a new O’Connell Bridge, replacing Gandon’s Carlisle Bridge. Published in The Irish Builder, July 1 1870. “The present bridge is, I believe, a sound and substantial structure, and its approaches easy, I cannot see the object of disturbing it. What we want is, width and safety. An addition of 50 feet in width, constructed on the eastern side of present bridge, would, with the subways, be sufficient for all present requirements, and 50 feet more added at a future date, would leave the bridge the entire width of Sackville-street. Further, if the centre portion (the present bridge) should at any future time shew signs of decay, it could be removed, and completed in accordance with the wing additions proposed, and without obstruction to the public traffic.”

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