1862 – Terrace, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Architect: J.T. Bottle


From The Building News, July 19th 1862: “Mr. J.T. Bottle, architect. Great Yarmouth, ha been awarded the premium of £20 for his design for a terrace for first-class houses to be erected upon the building estate of the Corporation of that town. The houses will have a frontage of 23ft., and the cost of each is not to exceed £900, including the area railings and walls. Mr. J. S. Dodd, of Beading, has obtained a like premium for the best design for a detached marine villa, cost not to exoeed £1,500, and the first premium (£20) for his design for a pair of semi-detached marine villas, col not to exceed £2,000 the pair. The second premium, of £10, for the same has been awarded to Mr. J. Jackman, of 34, Soho. “