1874 – Cottage Hospital, Bromley, Kent

Architect: George & Vaughan


From The Building News, November 20 1874: “The Bromley Cottage Hospital (a view and plan of which we give in this number) is also by Messrs. George and Vaughan. The hospital provides eight beds for patients, a well-lighted surgery or operating-room, a sitting-room for convalescents, a bath-room, as well as matron’s and nurses’ rooms. There is also a dead-house specially arranged for posmortem examinations. All the accommodation is obtained on the ground-floor, thus doing away with the necessity of stairs – the cause of so much troublce in the moving of invalids — for broken limbs are most frequent cases for treatment in these village hospitals. The rooms are ventilated through their ceilings into the high roof, and the impure air makes its exit from this space through louvres in the gables and dormers. The entrance, corridor, surgery, and kitchen are on the north side, the subject of our sketch, thus leaving the south and west aspects for the wards. On the south side is a raised terrace and verandah, entered from the convalescents’ sitting-room. The building was taken in competition by Messrs. Payne and Balding, their contract price being £1,400.”