1872 – Shops in Camborne, Cornwall

Architect: James Hicks


Perspective View published in The Building News, September 13th 1872. “ONE of our illustrations is that of two shops in course of erection at Camborne. The materials used in the front are white China clay bricks. It is intended to fill the panels, etc, with coloured tiles. The lintels are of granite, so also are the piers and plinth on the ground floor. The wall to the first floor is 14in. thick, and 9in. on the .second floor, the set-off being on the outside. The columns to the windows are of cast iron. The frontage is about 50ft., and depth of shop 30ft. Kitchens, &c., of one story, are arranged at the back. The total cost will probably not exceed £1,1(1(1. The architect, from whose sketch the illustration is taken, is Mr. James Hicks, of Redruth. The builders are Messrs. Dunkin & Sons, of Camborne. Our readers will acknowledge that it is a very cheap and, for the money, fairly effective building. “