1993 – Oak Hammock Marsh Centre, Manitoba

Architect: Number Ten Architectural Group



Before proceeding, environmental studies and monitoring programs were carried out to prevent or minimize disturbance to wildlife species. Construction on a new Conservation Centre began in 1991. Much of the work was done in winter, reducing efforts during the spring and fall migration periods. At a cost of $11 million, the building was designed to blend in with the landscape as much as possible, using local limestone on the face of the building. The entire area was landscaped with native grasses, shrubs, trees and flowers to provide a more natural and productive setting for wildlife and people. Construction was completed in the fall of 1992.

Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram was responsible for site design from concept to construction, which included prairie restoration, strategies to reduce wildlife conflicts, trail layout and detailing, and with Number 10 Architectural Group, the development of award winning living roof details. The interior is less successful, a collection of smaller display spaces, an auditorium and office accommodation.