1900 – St. Joseph’s Church, Park St., Monaghan

Architect: William Hague


Fine barn style gothic church by William Hague who finished the town’s cathedral after the death of the architect J.J. McCarthy. Construction begun in summer of 1891, with work completed after Hague’s death in 1899. Dedicated 18th March 1900. Externally the church has a wonderful covered archway, under a small belfry, connecting to the adjacent presbytery, and a large ornate window lighting the internal gallery. The sides are punctured by a series of narrow lancet windows. The interior is spacious and lofty but quite gloomy with a magnificent tall window in the west end, and a rather overlooked Harry Clark window on the northern side of the sanctuary. While most of the sanctuary fittings were removed or adapted to suit an interpretation of Vatican II, the reredos are reasonably intact and give an good idea of the original intention.