1880 – Houses, Cadogan Square, Chelsea, London

Architect: A.J. Adams


“These houses, which form part of a long terrace of similar buildings, are from designs furnished by A. J. Adams, architect, 18, Queen’s-road, Bayswater, W. ; and thty were built by Mr. T. Pink, of Hans-place and Cadogan Estate. Dark and light bricks, mixed indiscriminately, have been used for the external walls, the cornices, strings, moulded work, and carved portions being of light red rubbers, gauged in putty. The principal stairs, and also the floors, as well as the door.s of the reception-rooms, are executed in oak. The chimney-pieces throughout are Queen Anne in character, and are made of oak, marble, and tiles. The brick-carving was executed by Mr. John McCullock, of Kennington Park.” Illustration of building published in The Building News, July 16th 1880.