1859 – Design for St. Boniface Church, Whitechapel, London

Architect: E.W. Pugin


“THE small chapel of St. Boniface, so long the only place of worship for the thirty thousand German Catholics in London, is to be replaced by a magnificent church worthy of the German name and nation. Con- tributions for this purpose are now being collected throughout Germany, and the interest felt in that country is an assurance of the success of this noble undertaking. Itwillservetokeepup the bond of union between these temporary exiles from their country, and promote intercourse and preserve a spirit of nationality. The church is to be built in Whitechapel, and will measure 170 feet in length, 70 in width, and 75 in height, and afford accommodation for 1,500 persons. The buildings, comprising in their plan church, presbytery, and schools, are to be constructed of coursed Upholland stone, with Portland stone dressings. The work is under the direction of the Rev. A. Purcell, of Moorfields, who has resided for many years in Germany, and possesses the confidence of the Germans both at home and in Germany.” From The Building News.

Never constructed as illustrated, the building was destroyed in 1940 during German air raids on London. The new German Catholic Church, St Boniface of 1959-60 is by Plaskett Marshall & Partners, Whitechapel.