1871 – St. Patrick’s Church, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

Architect: J.J. McCarthy



Illustration of building as planned by McCarthy. The builder was Thomas Byrne, Belfast and the cost excluding the tower, spire and furnishings was £7,720. The work began in 1867 and the church was dedicated and opened on Trinity Sunday 11th June 1876. The tower and spire cost £2,880 and were built by Patrick Hurson, Edendork, and was completed in 1883.

“This building, now in course of erection, is the parish church of Dungannon, the chief town of the county Tyrone. It has been undertaken principally through the exertions of the Very Rev, Dean Slane. It is built entirely of the fine warm-coloured yellow sandstone of the district. The roofs are panelled in wood interiorly. The tower and spire will rise to a total height of 195 ft., and will form a conspicuous object in the surrounding landscape. The design is by Mr. J.J. M*0arthy, R.H.A., architect; and Mr. Thomas Byrne, of Belfast, is the contractor.” Originally published in The Builder, 4 March 1871.