1860 – The Phoenix Inn, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: William R. Corson


Published in The Building News, February 10, 1860. “THE Phoenix Inn, Leeds (a view of which forms our illustration this week), was erected for Mr. William Sadler upon land licli’. on lease from the ” Pious Use Trustees,” who have large property in trust for maintaining almshouses, the improvement of ro.ids, and other objects. The inn was erected from the designs of Mr. William Keid Corson, and is built of red pressed brick, with white brick strings and patterns, and Harehill stone dressings. The contractor for the main portion of the works was Mr. Samuel Atack. By a very moderate expenditure, Mr. Corson has given a picturesque and ornamental effect to his design, and furnished us with another example of the good taste that characterises all this architect’s productions. The plans sufficiently explain the ingenuity with which they have been contrived, and their suitability to the purposes for which the building is intended.

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