1915 – Curry Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: John D. Atchison



Developed by City Comptroller Duncan Steele Curry (1852-1925) on the site of a previous property owned by himself. Recession and world war forced some developers to cancel projects. Curry, in contrast, proceeded with replacement of his older building, but on a scaled-down basis, hoping to add the remainder at a later date. He had only two storeys built even though the facility’s reinforced concrete foundation could carry eight. The Curry Building has a steel frame, hollow tile interior partitions, brick exterior walls, and flat roof broken by a section intended to accommodate a future light well. Terracotta covers the Portage, Notre Dame and Garry façades. Ornamentation is in the Gothic style of architecture and includes extensive use of tracery and floral patterns, an elaborate parapet with finials and trefoil openings, and an arched main entrance.