1905 – St Luke’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: C.F. Bridgeman



St. Luke’s Anglican is probably one of the best pieces of church architecture in Winnipeg. The main building was designed by Winnipeg architect C.F. Bridgeman while the attached parish hall was designed by Winnipeg architects Woodman and Carey and constructed in 1913-14. But the two structures create a wonderful whole. The church is noted for its stained glass windows and wood carving. The Toronto studio of Robert MacCausland and Co. produced most of the glass in the nave, with one special window constructed by the English firm of William Morris and Co. The walls are embellished with plaques and memorials to the many dead from the parish in the First World War. Throughout the church there is fine woodwork notably the pews and the carved wooden rood-screen, which is a magnificent example of craftsmanship, designed by parishioner and architect C.E. Chivers.

Published April 13, 2010 | Last Updated July 1, 2024