1905 – Sheahan Memorial, Burgh Quay, Dublin

Architect: W.P. O’Neill


A memorial to a member of the Dublin Metropolitan Police who died near here while on duty. Just around the corner was the headquarters of the DMP. Incorporated a fountain. Moved in early 2012 to facilitate road realignment.

The inscription: “This memorial Was erected in memory of Patrick Sheahan a constable in the Dublin Metropolitan Police Force who lost his life in the 6th day of March 1905 in a noble and self-sacrificing effort to rescue John Fleming who had in the discharge of his duties descended the main sewer close by this spot and was overcome by sewer gas. It was also intended to commemorate the bravery of a number of other citizens who also descended the sewer to assist in rescuing the beforementioned, thereby risking their lives to save those of their fellow men.”

On the other side is inscribed: “Erected by the Mansion House Committee, 1906. Rt. Hon. Joseph Hutchinson, Lord Mayor; Wm. Nolan, Chairman; John Irwin, J.P., Ald.; Edmund Hutchinson, Hon. Secy.”