1904 – St. Joseph’s Church, Terenure, Dublin

Architect: W.H. Byrne



Large and relatively uninteresting Gothic revival church which opened in 1904 but later extended in 1952, leaving the altar in the centre of the long nave, and two main entrance fronts. Designed by William Geraty Clayton, who was working for W.H. Byrne at this time, the intended spire was never completed. The interior contains some fine glass by Harry Clarke notably the crucifixion window.

From The Building News, May 20, 1898: “At Terenure a new Roman Catholic Church, dedicated to St. Joseph, is in course of erection from designs by Mr. W. H. Byrne, of Suffolk-street, Dublin. The building is Romanesque in style. It consists of nave 46ft. by 30ft., with north and south aisles lift, wide, chancel and sanctuary 70ft. in length and 30ft. wide, side chapels and transepts, and a tower and spire rising to a height of 160ft. The architects are Messrs. Michael Moade and Sons, of Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.”

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