1884 – Former London and North Western Hotel, North Wall Quay, Dublin



In 1861 the London and North Western Railway Company which had been operating a steam packet service across the Irish Sea, moved its Irish terminus from Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire) to North Wall Quay. In 1883 the company bought the Prince of Wales Hotel, and soon afterwards replaced it with this building, the London and North Western Hotel.

They constructed it in two phases, behind the existing hotel first, and thereafter demolishing and rebuilding the quay frontage sometime after 1886. The LNWR did have its own architect and architectural draughtsmen were employed in the Engineering Dept., so the hotel was probably designed in-house. The Architectural Assistant to Chief Engineer between 1852 and 1886 was a J.B. Stansby, who designed their headquarters building in London.

It was later known as the British Rail Hotel. With the demise of the ferry services from North Wall, the building was taken over by CIE, and it latterly contained the offices of Irish Rail Architects. The interior has much original detail including a fine stairwell.

Historic Photograph © National Railway Museum and SSPL