1879 – New Vestry Hall, Bromley, Kent

Architect: A. & C. Harston


Parish of Bromley Saint Leonard, perspective including ground plans & 1st floor plans from The Building News, June 13th 1879. “The foundation-stone of this building was laid on the 24th May, 1879. It is intended to accommodate the vestry and its officers. The site is in the Bow-road, where formerly stood Mrs. Bowrey’s alm-shouses, in the parish of Bromley St. Leonard, Middlesex. The frontage of the building is 53ft., and is to be faced with Portland stone. The rooms provided are, on the ground floor, committee-room, rate collector’s office, vestry clerk’s offices, vestibule, and entrance ball, leading to a stone staircase, which gives access to the vestry hall, which is 48ft. by 32ft., and occupies the whole of the first floor of the front or main portion of the building. In the rear portion of the building are first and second stories, containing a waiting- room, and here are housekeeper’s apartments, approached by a separate staircase. In the basement is a fireproof muniment room.”