1870 – St. Paul’s School, Stratford, Essex

Architect: Henry Ough


“These schools are erected in the parish of St. Paul, Stratford, of which the Rev. G. P. Keosh is vicar. The parish contains upwards of 10 000 inhabitants, principally of the labouring class, and (until the erection of the present building) was without schools. The works have been designed with the strictest regard to economy, and are built of stock bricks, with red brick dressings. They consist of rooms for boys, girls, and infants, with class rooms, and are designed, in accordance with the requirements of the Committee of Council on Education, to accommodate 550 children The cost, including boundary walls and outbuildings, was £2312. Mr. James Rivett, of Stratford, was the contrnctor, and the rooms are heated throughout with hot water by Messrs. J. L. Bacon and Co., of Farringdou-road, E.C. Mr. Henry Ough, of Stratford, is the architect. “Published in The Building News, January 14th 1870.