1869 – All Saints Church, Caldecote, Bedfordshire

Architect: Arthur W. Blomfield


From The Architect and Contract Reporter, January 30 1869: This church (of which we give an interior perspective view, showing the chancel) has been erected from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. A.W. Blomfield, M.A. The chief interest which attaches to the church arises from its success as a work of art, and the very moderate amount of its cost For a sum extremely modest reckoned at so much per sitting, or when looked at as the cost of a complete church, Mr. Blomfield has succeeded in producing a building which, as our illustration shows, has good claims to he looked upon with admiration.

The proportions of the church are not lofty, and the materials are chiefly brick, stone being very sparingly introduced. Coloured decoration has been to some extent employed to heighten the effect of the chancel, and, though not spread over a large surface, yet combines well with the simple patterns produced by the use of bricks of different colours. This design is a good example of that class of church which is often called for where means are narrow, and at the same time a certain amount of beauty and grace is indispensable.