1863 – Auction Rooms, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: George Corson


“The building of which we give a view is in the course of erection for Messrs. Hepper & Sons, close to the Town Hall and near the railway station, under the direction of Mr. George Corson, architect. The basement comprises dining-room and porters ‘room, under the offices; furniture storeroom, under the auction-room; and covered yard, with access from Park Cross-street. There are no rooms over the yard or the auction-room; over the offices there is one large room for estate sales.

The front is entirely of stone, from Harehills quarries; the wall-stones are boasted; the dressings rubbed, with hands of red sandstone to arches and under the gables. The shafts to the porch and ground-floor windows are of polished red granite; those to the windows of the estate-room and stairs are of serpentine. The porch, which is semi-circular on plan, will remain open during the day, and be closed at night by shutters folding and sliding into recesses on each side.” Published in The Builder, June 13 1863