1835 – Upper Fort Garry Gate, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Upper Fort Garry was the last of five forts, known to have been built in this general vicinity. The other forts included: Fort Rouge (circa 1736), Fort Gibraltar (circa 1806), Fort Douglas (circa 1815) and the original Fort Garry (circa 1821). After the flood of 1826 when the original Fort Garry was demolished, it was decided to rebuild the fort downstream and in 1831 Lower Fort Garry was built near Selkirk, Manitoba.

The move was unpopular because the majority of trade was already established at “the forks” and it required at least a day’s journey to Lower Fort Garry. So the Hudson’s Bay Company decided to returned to the forks and built a second fort. This new fort built in 1835, was named Upper Fort Garry to distinguish it from Lower Fort Garry. With its four large bastions and formidable 15 foot high stone walls it was meant to demonstrate the Company’s dominant role in the area.